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Since our inception, ARB WIND has focussed solely on our clients requirements. We provide the competence and support to ensure projects are delivered to the highest standard. 

ARB WIND is a leading provider of inspection and O&M services in the renewable wind industry. With expertise both onshore and offshore, ARB provides a bespoke independent and impartial service package to its clients to support the continued operation of their energy assets.

With multiple Tier 1 clients, ARB currently supports over 1000 WTG annually across the UK with O&M services. 


A majority stake of ARB WIND was purchased by the Briggs group in 2021 which sees the ownership and support of a well-established Marine, Environmental, Subsea and Offshore Wind services company.

Company Values


As an organisation we conduct ourselves with integrity and honesty driven to imbed our strong moral principles into every element of the services we provide.



Continuous Improvement and Innovation

We take personal responsibility and pride in every aspect of what we do acknowledging our short comings whilst acting on lessons learnt, our goal is simply to continually innovate and improve while building long lasting trusting relationships with team members and clients.



We listen and empathise with our team members, clients and the wider community and pride ourselves in the ability to provide positive outcomes based on the considered needs of those we serve.



Focus on Safety and Delivery

Operating within safety critical sectors we look to create a zero-harm environment for our team members and our planet, while delivering client-focussed services which meet and exceed expectations. 

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