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ARB Wind Ltd specialises in statutory compliance and provision of bespoke inspection & maintenance packages that clients can confidently rely on each year. Our strict training and integrated management system ensure that we always provide a competent, reliable & independent service.

Although we are based heavily in the renewables wind industry, our services span across all work places with the same legislation applicable.

Statutory Inspections

Statutory Inspections cover various legislative requirements and industry best-practices to ensure equipment is safe for use and does not pose a danger to life. This can cover a multitude of equipment types from working at height PPE to a nitrogen accumulator situated in the hub of a wind turbine. Whether it be a requirement from a piece of legislation or following best-practice from a standard, they are all completely different and can be confusing at times. ARB Wind are here to consult and conduct in this process to the correct periodicity, ensuring you are compliant with statute law and maintaining a safe workplace.

Statutory Instruments

Statutory Instruments (SIs) are a form of legislation which allow the provisions of an Act of Parliament to be subsequently brought in to force or altered without Parliament having to pass a new Act. The following regulations are an example of what may apply in your workplace, all of which fall under the umbrella of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.

Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER)

Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER)

Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000


Working at Height Regulations 2005 (WAHR)

Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 (PPE)

Electricity at Work Regulations 1989

Examples of Plant & Equipment We Check

 Loose Lifting Accessories  - Shackles, Round Slings, Eyebolts, Chain Slings, Hooks, Spreader Beams, Wire Rope Slings, Lifting Bags, Man Baskets

Lifting Machines - Mobile Cranes, Tower Cranes, Telehandlers, Fork Lifts, Pallet Trucks, Overhead Cranes, HIAB Cranes, Pedestal Cranes, Skip Loaders, Powered Hoists, Lever Hoists, Chain Blocks, Davit Cranes, MEWPs

PPE - Safety Harness, Lanyards, Work Positioning, Hard Hats, Tool Bags, Tool Restraints, Fall Arrest Sliders, Transfer Connectors, Life Jackets, Immersion Suits

First Aid - First Aid Kits, Fire Blankets, Eye Wash Stations, Spine Boards, Rescue Boards

Working at Height - Latchways, Avanti, Haca, Skylotec & Soll Fall Arrest Systems, Inertia Reels, Restraint Systems, Anchor Points, Roof Rails, Safety Nets, Tower Ladders, Step Ladders, Rescue Kits, Constant Rate Descenders

Service Lifts - Avanti, Powerclimber, Goracon, Skyman, Tractel, Enercon

Pressure Equipment - Hydraulic Systems, Accumulators, Compressors, Pressure Valves

Fire Safety - Extinguishers & Systems

Electrical Equipment - PAT Testing


Most equipment manufacturers will advise on the type of testing required at each inspection interval, some more stringent than others. At our visits we adhere to the manufacturers testing requirements at all times unless stated otherwise. ARB Wind can also advise, conduct and aid in bespoke testing requirements on equipment following extreme circumstances. Below is an example of some of the testing we conduct, please contact us for testing enquiries not listed below.

Proof Load Testing

Overload Testing

Non-Destructive Testing

Destructive Testing

PAT Testing


Installation & Maintenance

ARB Wind offer maintenance packages to coincide with inspections, this process is strictly managed as to where technicians have pre-defined roles and under no circumstances swap these during works. Our services can be simply repairing defective equipment at the time of inspection or carrying out scheduled maintenance at each visit. Types of maintenance on equipment includes:


Fault Finding

Component Replacement

Minor Repairs

As well as unscheduled/scheduled maintenance, ARB Wind can offer installation services for all lifting & fall arrest equipment such as:

Fall Arrest Systems

Climb Assist Systems

Service Lifts

For more information on our services please contact us here.