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ARB WIND Opens New Office in Montrose

As part of the Briggs Marine Group, ARB WIND is expanding it's presence along the East Coast of Scotland with additional office premises, this time in the Port of Montrose.

Described by the Montrose Port Authority as "your gateway to the North Sea", Montrose Port provides the ideal location for both ARB WIND and Briggs Marine to operate from given the group's increase in providing offshore wind support to the renewable energy sector.

Briggs Managing Director, Collieson Briggs commented,

With Briggs’ strong track record in Port & Vessel Management and Subsea & Environmental Services, we hope to add value to the port and help boost the local supply chain. With a growing portfolio of Offshore Wind projects including Balance of Plant and Engineering Project Management services, we are pleased that we can offer first-class local content for Scotland’s offshore wind industry.”

ARB WIND’s Managing Director, Arran Bell elaborated,

“In addition to Briggs comprehensive marine services offering, ARB WIND’s experience in Statutory Inspections, Maintenance Services and Construction Support has potential to bring new employment opportunities to the area.”

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